Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice Review: Whole Grains Fast

The Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice is a fast way to prepare natural, whole grain brown rice. I had my reservations at first, but after cooking and tasting the rice, I am convinced that the Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy brown rice. It stops having to purchase a cooker from ricecookerworld.

Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice Description

When I first opened the package of Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice I found something I did not expect. After removing the plastic cover from one of the cups before cooking it, I noticed that the rice was moist.

The moistness surprised me because I had assumed that I would have to add water before cooking this natural whole grain food product. No water was needed, as the rice is already fully-cooked.

I was concerned about the moisture because it seemed odd. I was wondering how well the product packaged and if I would have to worry about mold if I shelved the natural whole grain brown rice product for a couple of months.

My concerns went away when I tasted the natural whole food.

Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice Taste

The natural whole grain food in the plastic cup tasted like a health cup of brown rice. My son had some plain with his lunch. The taste of the rice was fine without anything added to it.

The Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice could easily go with any lunch salad, or as a dinner side dish. For my dinner, I mixed some up with some organic salsa, roasted chicken and some multigrain chips on the side.

Whole Grain Plus Convenience

I know how healthy brown rice is, yet I tend to cook white rice when I cook. White rice seems easier and quicker. With the Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice I can cook up a natural, whole grain brown food in less than a minute.

The packaging and the quick cooking make this natural whole grain food a convenient choice for a quick lunch, a pre-workout snack, or as a healthy dinner side dish.

Because this natural whole grain food product does not need water it could also find its way into any camping supplies, or emergency hurricane supply kit.


One serving of the natural whole grain brown rice has 170 calories, 4.5 grams of fat and no saturated fat or Trans Fat. There are 28 grams of carbohydrates, none of which come from sugars. Each serving has two grams of fiber and three grams of protein.

There is two percent of both iron and calcium.

Low Sodium

For a prepared food, the sodium content comes in low at 175mg per serving.

Minimal Ingredients in Minute Ready to Serve Brown

Part of what makes this whole grain product a healthy choice is that it is made with so few ingredients. It contains long grain brown rice, water sunflower oil, salt and soy lecithin.

Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice Price

One package of this whole grain food contains two deep, 4.4 ounce cups. At the local supermarket, I found this convenient whole grain product for $1.89. This would not be a great buy when feeding a large family.

It is a decent price as part of a convenient lunch or as a quick side dish. What is considered one serving could easily be split between two people when served with a protein and vegetables.

Tip: The package warns that the cup will be hot after cooking. Heed the warning and use caution when removing the cup from the microwave. It gets hotter than you might think.

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